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Why Have a Wellness Program? in Chattanooga

Why Have a Wellness Program?

Did you know workplace wellness programs are more than just a way to enhance employee benefits and create a healthy culture?

Over the past several years, many studies have shown that effectively-implemented wellness programs can impact an organization’s bottom line and create a healthy workforce.

Vanderbilt University performed a study over a seven-year period showed that an incentive-driven, voluntary wellness program can drive participation and health-risk improvement in an employee population. More than 75% of health care costs are due to chronic conditions that are preventable.

Source: Seven-Year Trends in Employee Health Habits From a Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion Program at Vanderbilt University, published in 2011 by American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine)

Why Be Proactive About Employee Wellness?

Getting healthy isn’t just a fad or a great idea for top-selling magazine headlines. Healthy living impacts every area of our lives. By investing in your health and utilizing the resources available at ARCpoint Labs of Chattanooga, you’ll not only get a good grasp of your current health, but you will get the help you need to improve it.

ARCpoint Labs of Chattanooga offers programs that enable you to better understand and improve your health. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, stop smoking, get in shape , build muscle, sleep better or reduce your risk for disease, we can help you reach your goals.

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A Health Risk Assessment Can Save Your Life

Understanding and managing your health is important because it can ultimately save your life. Knowing your risk for disease allows you to take steps to prevent it. The first step to wellness is a Personal Wellness Profile or Health Risk Assessment (HRA).

Set your Wellness Goals

Once you understand your current health, a wellness program will encourage you to set goals. Goal-setting is the first step to making a change and seeing improvement. An overall wellness program will not only let you know what to do, but it will also reveal your progress so you can celebrate the successes along the way

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Monitor your Wellness Health

Those who come to ARCpoint Labs of Chattanooga for wellness love our online tools that help you live a healthy lifestyle and monitor your goals. Employers also love to team up with us for corporate wellness! Our online wellness portal allows you to: Those who come to ARCpoint Labs of Chattanooga for wellness love our online tools that help you live a healthy lifestyle and monitor your goals. Employers also love to team up with us for corporate wellness~ Our online wellness portal allows you to:

  • Assess / Measure / Discover – Allows you to track goals and monitor your progress in meeting them. Baselines are established using the data compiled during screening processes (a Health Risk Assessment that includes a biometric screening). Know what you need to focus on and ways in which you can improve areas of concern.
  • Motivate – Provides assistance to help you meet their wellness goals, offering healthy lifestyle tips, nutrition and fitness advice. View and understand the positive results of the changes that you have made.
  • Measure and Track Results – The back-end upload of biometric data from your initial and follow-up screenings enables you to track your progress. Our secure, protected on-line portal acts as a data warehouse for tracking year-to-year results and improvements. Easy to read and user-friendly individual reporting that assist you in monitoring your health and wellness.
  • Resources – Our on-line portal offers a wealth of dietary and fitness information that is accessible to you 24 hours a day for continued and future wellness program growth.

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